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TASHIRO Mitsuteru
Faculty of Policy Studies Specially Appointed Associate Professor
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Policy Studies Course of Graduate School of Policy Studies, Master's Program

田代 光輝(たしろ みつてる、1973年2月27日)


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  • 博士(学術) ( 青山学院大学 )


  • 2019.3

    Aoyama Gakuin University   doctor course   completed

  • 1995.9

    Keio University   graduated

Professional Memberships

  • 2021.4 - Now


  • 2015.9 - Now





Research Interests

  • Cyberbullying

  • ネット炎上

  • ネットリスクからの子供の安全

Research Areas

  • Informatics / Mathematical informatics

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology


  • 高校生のネット上の出会いの起点となるサービスの調査~全国および神奈川県の調査より~

    田代 光輝, 小松 正, 浅子 秀樹

    第82回全国大会講演論文集   2020 ( 1 )   285 - 286   2020.2

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  • Verification of distribution of friends network in virtual space : Test of a Power distribution and a Logarithmic normal Poisson distribution using chi-square test

    9   24 - 41   2017

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    The present study revealed that the scale - freeness of friends network in virtual space in not a Power distribution(PWD) but a Logarithmic normal Poisson distribution(LPD). In this research, using the data of Social media white paper 2012, we tested LPD and PWD. It does not contradict in LPD, but it became clear that contradiction occurs in PWD. And We also clarified that observed values of LPD are similar to PWD when average is less than unit. Distribution was mistakenly recognized as PWD by "human connection" so far, because the shape of LPD is close to PWD.

    DOI: 10.34321/20276

    CiNii Books


    Other Link: https://www.agulin.aoyama.ac.jp/repo/repository/1000/20276/

  • オリジナルマンガ教材による中学生向け情報リテラシー教育の実践 (技術と社会・倫理)

    折田 明子, 田代 光輝, 吉川 厚, 江口 清貴

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報   116 ( 71 )   71 - 76   2016.6

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:電子情報通信学会  


  • Do personal attributes and an understanding of sarcasm and metaphor explain problematic experiences on the Internet? Reviewed

    Yuhiko TOYODA, Hiroshi Ichikawa, Mika TAKEUCHI, Mitsuteru TASHIRO, Masao SUZUKI

    Transaction on Network and Communication   3 ( 2 )   159 - 177   2015.4

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (scientific journal)  

    The Internet today provides users with a great amount of convenience due to the improvement of tools and their functions, and the expansion in the numbers of users. However, with the expansion of both online content and time spent online, new and potential risks have emerged in this virtual space. A majority of Japanese students experience communication troubles over the Internet, and therefore higher education institutions have increased their efforts to reduce risks on the Internet by, for example, offering basic security education through information literacy programs. However, because of the number and variability of Internet risks, it is unlikely that these efforts have achieved satisfactory results. As one of the risk factors inducing troubles on the Internet, where users exchange information with other (anonymous) users, we examine the immaturity of the “theory of mind,” which is generally used to infer the conditions, viewpoints, and comprehension level of others.<br />
    This study reports the results of a self-report questionnaire used to examine the problems or difficulties encountered on the Internet by young women in Japan. It focuses on the relationship between the comprehension of sarcasm and metaphor expressions, provided for the purpose of estimating the “theory of mind,” as well as of Internet terminology and the problematic experiences. The problems identified were roughly classified into four different categories: addictive Internet use, dishonest/illegal dealings, communication gaps, and shopping-related difficulties. Multiple regression analyses was conducted, aimed at identifying factors that could explain such problems. The results suggested that personal attributes and sensation-seeking tendencies, including social vulnerability and anxiety, and the understanding of sarcasm, metaphor expressions, and Internet terminology, might be significantly correlated with the problems experienced. On the basis of this study, proposals are made as to what areas should be focused on in information literacy education programs in the future.

    DOI: 10.14738/tnc.32.1169


  • On Risk Factors of the Internet Usage : Correlation Between Quantity of Trouble Using the Internet and Intensity of Desire Factor of Women Students

    Jiyugaoka Sanno College bulletin   48 ( 48 )   33 - 46   2015.3

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    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Jiyugaoka Sanno College  

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  • Analysis of User Behavior on Private Chat System.

    Fujio Toriumi, Takafumi Nakanishi, Mitsuteru Tashiro, Kiyotaka Eguchi

    1 - 4   2015

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    Publishing type:Research paper (international conference proceedings)  

    DOI: 10.1109/WI-IAT.2015.49


    Other Link: https://dblp.uni-trier.de/db/conf/webi/webi2015-3.html#ToriumiNTE15

  • A Study of a internet communication model : Research of risk reduction on the internet for minors' protection

    7   29 - 38   2015

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    We analysis data of a social networking service (SNS). For clarify the aspects. We used the "whisper services" within the "LINE PLAY" that is an avatar service from LINE Ltd. We found the distribution in the data that sharped close to a Poisson lognormal distribution. The potential of ease of connection is "TSUNAGARIYASUSA". Nodes have the potential of ease of connection each other. Nodes will link each other proportionate the potential, and the links distribute close to a Poisson lognormal distribution. We are expecting that this research will lead to the safety of minors.

    DOI: 10.34321/18771

    CiNii Books


    Other Link: https://www.agulin.aoyama.ac.jp/repo/repository/1000/18771/

  • Could Online Community Yield Social Intelligence? : Case Study of Shinri-Gaku (Psychology) Forum in NIFTY-Serve

    Asako Miura, H. Morio, A. Orita, S. Uda, K. Matsui, R. Suzuki, M. Tashiro

    39 ( 39 )   23 - 30   2013.3

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  • Trend of Screen-name Usage on Online Community:A Case of NIFTY-Serve Psychology Forum

    Akiko Orita, Asako Miura, Hiroaki Morio, Shuhei Uda, Mitsuteru Tashiro, Ryuichi Suzuki, Kunio Matsui

    IPSJ SIG Notes   2013 ( 2 )   1 - 4   2013.2

     More details

    Language:Japanese   Publisher:Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)  

    This paper tried to examine a trend of screen-name usage on online community- NIFTY-Serve. NIFTY-Serve are thought as a &quot;pseudonymous&quot; community because of handle-based communication, however, this service allowed users to choose some options for their screen-names. As long as linked to a registered ID, users are able to choose either real name or nick name. In this paper, we reports our exploratory analysis on the psychology forum data.

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  • Prosperity and decline of online communities Reviewed

    Kimitaka Asatani, Fujio Toriumi, Hirotada Ohashi, Mitsuteru Tashiro, Ryuichi Suzuki

    Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)   8291   396 - 404   2013

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    Language:English   Publishing type:Research paper (international conference proceedings)   Publisher:Springer  

    On the basis of analyzing user behavior using the actual data of online communities, we constructed a model of user behavior in an online community. We found two fundamental characteristics (diversity and motivation of participants (content-oriented or friendship-based)) that majorly affect the time evolution of online communities. In addition, the model reproduced what happens in reality, such as time-scale transition of the number of posts and distribution of the number of posts in all periods. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.

    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-44927-7_27



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  • ネット選挙

    田代, 光輝( Role: Sole author)

    総合教育出版,星雲社 (発売)  2023.11  ( ISBN:9784434319198

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    Total pages:202p   Language:Japanese  


  • Web制作の技術: 企画から実装,運営まで

    田代光輝( Role: Joint author)

    共立出版  2015.11 

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  • スマホで簡単! 動画のプレゼント (趣味どきっ!)

    田代光輝( Role: Edit)

    NHK出版  2015.9 

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  • 情報倫理

    田代光輝( Role: Joint author1章および3~14章)

    共立出版  2012.11 

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  • 2014年グッドデザイン賞

    2014.10   グッドデザイン賞   金賞


  • 研究発表大会

    2014.5   情報社会学会   プレゼンテーション賞


  • キッズデザイン大賞

    2012.7   キッズデザイン大賞   復興デザイン賞


  • 震災復興支援サービス大賞

    2012.3   経済産業省 復旧・復興支援サイト/アプリ等調査事業   インターネットユーザ協会賞


Teaching Experience

  • ウェブ制作

  • 情報分析演習

  • 情報処理実習

  • 情報と社会の情報倫理

  • 総合講座D-1

  • 情報倫理

  • 情報と社会のデータサイエンス


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