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JIANG YingYing
Faculty of Global Management Assistant Professor
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  • Ph.D. in Commerce and Management ( Hitotsubashi University )

  • Master of Business Administration ( Nagasaki University )


  • 2011.3

    Hitotsubashi University   Graduate School of Commerce and Management   Accounting / Money and Finance   completed

  • 2007.3

    Nagasaki University   Graduate School of Economics   Policy Studies in Economics and Management   completed

Research Areas

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Business administration

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Economic history

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Money and finance


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  • Selection of Lectures on Insurance: Trends and Changes

    YingYing Jiang( Role: ContributorCurrent Situation and Trends in Japanese Pension System)

    China Finance Publishing House  2017.6  ( ISBN:9787504990754

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    Responsible for pages:142-158   Language:Chinese   Book type:Scholarly book


  • Corporate Forms and Organizational Choice in International Insurance

    YingYing Jiang( Role: ContributorThe Development of the Mutual Form and Its Influence on the Life Insurance Industry: Evidence from Japan during the Period 1881 to 1935)

    Oxford University Press  2015.11  ( ISBN:9780198739005

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    Responsible for pages:217–242   Language:English   Book type:Scholarly book

    DOI: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198739005.003.0010


Research Projects

  • Risk Management Against Great Earthqukes -The Role of Iisurance in Households

    Grant number:26380405  2014.4 - 2017.3

    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science  Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research  Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)  Meiji University

    Asai Yoshihiro, JIANG YingYing, MORIDAIRA Souichiro, YAMORI Nobuyoshi

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    Grant amount: \4680000 ( Direct Cost: \3600000 、 Indirect Cost: \1080000 )

    Attention is particularly focused on risk management against large earthquake after the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, previous researches have not clarified the factors affecting risk management activities such as seismic strengthening and earthquake insurance purchase. In this projects, we conducted a survey of risk management and earthquake insurance to Japanese households. We have tried to explain seismic strengthening and earthquake insurance purchase by employing traditional economics (risk aversion) and behavioral economics (ambiguity aversion). We provide the evidence that financial knowledge affects insurance purchase in this research projects. Also, we try to provide implications for policy makers and insurers on household’s risk management against catastrophe.